Movile adopted Zendesk Support to scale their customer service

  • Employees 1,400+
  • Brands Supported 15+
  • Headquartered in Brazil
  • Customer Since 2015
  • Products Used

People before technology. That’s the mantra driving Movile, the leader in mobile content and commerce platforms in Latin America, to create apps that improve its users’ lives—whether it’s an app that allows you to order food, listen to music, or join your kids in a mobile game.

皇冠体育盘口The same goes for Movile’s customer support. “The customer experience needs to be designed,” said Suzana Bueno, Movile’s Customer Happiness Leader. “It needs to be thoroughly analyzed and iterated, and to become one within the whole of the company, helping all other areas deliver their best.”

Bueno’s team of fewer than 10 agents services millions of clients with Zendesk Support. The team has created their own SDK for embedded support in their mobile apps, and are “heavy users” of the mobile API, support analytics, and the Multibrand feature, which they use to provide support across more than 15 brands.

“We lasted less than a month with email-only support,” Bueno admitted. “We’ve been with Zendesk ever since and have expanded use to include other businesses in our group.”

“The era of selling objects is gone. Now, we sell experiences. Why should we take a different approach to something so intrinsic to the customer experience as customer support?”

– Suzana Bueno Customer Happiness Leader at Movile